What are the Characteristics of LCD

The TFT LCD screen is often said that the LCD screen, in our lives there are many places have applications, so do you know what characteristics of the LCD screen?

  Here are the details:

  The characteristics of the LCD screen are as follows:

1. The resolution of LCD can be very high, and the PPI (pixels per inch) of general mobile phones can reach more than 300.

2. LCD grayscale more, can display a wider range of colors.

3. TFT LCD high display quality:

because the LCD screen every point after receiving the signal has been maintained the color and brightness, constant luminescence, and not like the cathode ray tube display (CRT) need to constantly refresh bright spots. Therefore, the LCD picture quality is high and absolutely does not blink, reducing eye fatigue to a minimum.

4. TFT LCD screen no electromagnetic radiation:

Traditional screen display material is a phosphor, by electron beam phosphors impact, according to the electron beam in the hit for a moment on the fluorescent powder can produce strong electromagnetic radiation, although there are many display products is more effective in the treatment of the radiation on the processing, as much as possible to minimize radiation, but it is difficult to eliminate. Liquid crystal displays (LCDs), by contrast, have an innate advantage in preventing radiation because they do not exist. In the prevention of electromagnetic waves, the LCD screen also has its own unique advantages, it has adopted strict sealing technology will come from the power circuit of the closed a small number of electromagnetic waves in the screen, and the need for ordinary display in order to send out the quantity of heat must let the internal circuit is exposed to air as much as possible so that the internal circuit of the electromagnetic wave is a lot to “leak”.

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